10 better ways to run your business in Bangkok

10 better ways to run your business in Bangkok

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There are so many books that you can read about being a great manager offering varying levels of advice and tips so that you can be ‘great’.  In reality it is impossible to be a great boss for everyone but we can always look at ways to improve ourselves and be the best we possibly can for your business in Bangkok. Of course, here in Thailand things can be slightly different what we are used to at home so below are a few tips to try and get you to be a great manager:


It may sound obvious but having patience is one of the key things to being a great boss in any country, especially when you’re doing business in Bangkok.  You are the manger who has supposedly has the most skills and is the best leader – now you must get the best out of your Thai staff and teach them, understanding that they will make mistakes along the line.

Understand the Thai Culture

Again this may be something that you are not used to.  Remember Thai culture is very different from that in the West and remember that we are doing business in Thailand, and they are the Thai nationals.  Saving face and family are very important in Thai culture and perhaps time keeping is not seen as the most important thing.

Be in control

Regardless of where you are in the world, your employees will expect you to be in control.  Thais respect authority so take control of your business in Bangkok and use your authority – but in the right ways.

Be clear in your instructions

Remember, English will not be your employee’s first language.  Speak clearly and slowly and tell them EXACTLY what you want them to do.  Thais are often not encouraged to think outside the box – so be clear!

Keep checking everything is correct

Without looking like you are spying on your Thai employees, keep checking that things are correct.  Thais are often shy to ask for help or admit that they can’t do something so check that every thing is correct.  Better to realise that things need changing at the beginning than at the end.

Give lots of praise

Lavish praise on your employees when they do things correct – more so than in the West.  Thais often lack confidence so this will help to make them feel wanted and improve their performance!

Never shout

Never shout or raise your voice.  This is seen as loss of face and they will quickly lose respect for you!

Never scold a employee in front of others

If someone does do something wrong and they need reprimanding – do it in private not in front of others!


It should go without saying but always listen to your employees.  This will make them trust and respect you!

Be available

Never be a boss who always appears aloof.  Be available so people can ask your advice and for help!