5 Successful Expats in Thailand

Kobi Elbaz

kobiKobi Elbaz has been an expat in Thailand and then a resident for more than a decade.  Israeli-born Elbaz is CEO of Tulip Group, a developer of luxury condominiums and hotel properties based in Pattaya. Elbaz was educated in the US, he served as a former consultant for the new Bangkok international airport project before moving into the property industry. A private individual who loves luxury sports cars, he is passionate about his work but prefers to stay away from social events.


Nigel Cornick

nigelNigel Cornick has been a resident of Thailand for more than 20 years and chief executive officer of Kingdom PropertyMr. Cornick has more than four decades of experience in the real estate industry. He worked for leading property conglomerates in the UK, Middle East and Australia before joining Colliers in Thailand, later moving to Raimon Land where he launched award-winning projects in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.  His company’s latest project is Southpoint Pattaya. He is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and a fellow of the Thailand Institute of Directors.


Michael Farley

michaelBriton Michael Farley is headmaster of Harrow International School. A psychology graduate of Nottingham University in the UK, he worked as a teacher trainer and programme developer before moving into school leadership. Mr Farley has more than 15 years of successful headship in the Middle East, Japan and Europe before coming to Thailand as an expat, specialising in innovative curriculum and assessment methodology, renovation of educational facilities and crisis preparedness. He is married to primary school teacher Catherine, and they have two daughters, Mollie and Phoebe.


Hucky Eichelmann

huckyHucky Eichelmann is synonymous with the classical guitar in Thailand, which has been his home for more than three decades since he first expatriated to Thailand. He was the first person from outside Thailand to record the King’s music on several best-selling albums that have gained a worldwide following.  As a guitarist, arranger and composer, this German artist is director of Asia Music International, a record company, event organiser and artists’ agency. He holds a master’s in music from the State University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart. He is also a generous donor to charitable organisations.


Martin Jeremy Craigs

Cmartinhief executive officer of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), Briton Martin Craigs has been an expat in Thailand since 2011 after a long career in Hong Kong.  A graduate of the University of Ulster and an alumnus of INSEAD, Columbia and Cambridge, he also serves as non-executive chairman of Aerospace Forum Asia, a regional non-profit advocacy group for the aerospace sector. His hobbies include golf, tennis, mahjong and reading. Married to Sherwin and the father of two grown up children, he enjoys spending time at his holiday home in Ireland.

Source and images from: Thailand Tatler