Outsourcing Payroll Solutions in Thailand

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The thought of registering a company in a foreign country can naturally be quite daunting. There’s going to be many aspects that you will not fully understand.  If you were to ask any employer what they felt was the most problematic part of their business, most will reply that it is finding the right people for their team.  Payroll solutions in Thailand is an area that is notoriously difficult to find the right providers for.  Whoever you employ will need to know the ins and outs of laws, to know exactly how much to pay people, what deductions need to be made and who these deductions are paid to.  It is no surprise that solutions to outsource payroll can greatly benefit your business in Thailand.

There are a number of reasons why companies may look to outsource their payroll for their business.  Often the main reason would be that they are unable to find the right calibre of employee to carry out a specific job or and in many cases the job only is only a small percentage of the company’s overall workload therefore employing a ‘in house’ specialist is not economically viable.  Outsourcing is a fantastic way to reduce the already heavy burden on members of your team who are likely to be better suited or better utilised doing other tasks.

The laws with regards to payroll in Thailand are very complicated and to have just your in house staff carrying out this role could be potentially damaging to you and your business.  If is fair to expect them to be up to speed with all the latest rules? Do they actually understand exactly what is required?  In this situation it would be beneficial to seek the help of a professional company like the Sutlet Group that specialises in offering this service and handles these matters on a day to day basis.  It is certainly worthwhile spending the time to get it correct the first time rather that being hit by a large bill or fine that could threaten the very existence of your business at a later date.

Managing payroll in-house is something that is quite labour intensive and can be very time consuming.   It is also an area that few people enjoy so it is therefore an ideal role to be outsourced! It is important to choose the correct company or individual to work with in every area of your business and this is vital to your company’s overall success and of course payroll is no different. You will need to find someone that understands your individual needs and recognises that every company will have different requirements so they need to be flexible to accommodate this.

Communication issues are common in Thailand as too are the cultural differences.  If you are looking for a payroll solution, it would be highly beneficial to find a company that recognises the potential problems.  On many occasions, simply having a human at the end of the telephone who you can speak to will alleviate many of your concerns.  Payroll is an area were you should avoid cutting corners, or even leaving until the last minute, so finding a professional company is essential.

Regardless of if you are a starting a new business or you are a business that has been operating for several years, wouldn’t it be worth investigating more out into outsourcing?