Why work with a recruitment agency in thailand; even when you’re not hiring

Why work with a recruitment agency in thailand; even when you're not hiring

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Over the course of my experience, my clients have come to appreciate there are benefits for them to continue working with headhunters and recruitment agencies in Thailand even when they’re not actively hiring.

A true recruitment agency in Thailand who is worth their salt can actually provide critical information to companies seeking to learn more about how to build stronger and better organizations, and here’s how:

  • Map out succession plans. Companies and organizations are often concerned about succession planning and ensuring any leadership transitions are carried out smoothly. This is especially important right now because we’re seeing Gen-X and Gen-Y managers rising the ranks and taking over senior positions from the previous Baby-Boomer generation. Working with the right consultants can help with your talent acquisition strategies, and help you figure how best to go about with your succession planning and transfers of leadership position without any serious disruptions to your business.
  • Enhance your strategic HRM capabilities. Let’s face it: in today’s business environment, the only real competitive advantage any company or organization has is the quality of its human capital. You probably heard many companies say “our people are our assets”, but how many actually invest in enhancing their strategic human resource management (HRM) capabilities? Like any asset, the value of a company’s human capital is subjected to depreciation in the form of reduced productivity levels, high absenteeism rates, or worse, high attrition rates. So while you’re building on your company’s talent acquisition efforts on one hand, it’s counter-productive, really, if you’re unable to retain your staff and losing talent at the same time. I’ve actually helped some of my retained clients look at their overall strategic HRM policies, and having analyzed probable “push” factors, we have been able to refine many of their HRM strategies resulting in higher employee retention rates and improved overall staff morale.
  • Benchmark your compensation, benefits and welfare policies. This one is simple enough to understand: executive search and recruitment consultants would be more than able to help your organization benchmark your compensation, benefits and welfare policies. At the same time, you would be able to look at job scopes, roles and responsibilities to ensure your requirements and commensurate levels of compensation and benefits are realistic and to the expectations of job seekers in the market.
  • Learn what your competitors are doing. Because headhunters talk to candidates who are likely to come from competitor firms, they can actually be a valuable source of intelligence to fill you in on what’s going on “over there”. Again, I have had clients who kept us on retainer contracts previously just so to add a channel to help gather competitor intel.
  • Build a stronger employer branding. Even though you’re not actively hiring, it helps to work with headhunters and recruiters alike to learn more about building your employer branding — very, very different from your consumer branding, because it’s more concerned with how you’re viewed by potential jobseekers in the market. Just as a headhunter is able to tell you what your competitors are doing, he/she should be able to tell you if your company or organization is appealing to jobseekers out there, and why (or why not).

Working with the right professional consultants can be highly beneficial to designing and implementing better HRM strategies and plans for your organization. The next part of the equation is how to choose quality headhunters to work with– but we’ll discuss that in the next article soon.

Author: Roy P
Originally produced for Bangkok Headhunter