Announcement: 90 day reporting Thailand is now online

Announcement: 90 day reporting Thailand is now onlineMore good news, this time for expats residing in Thailand.

On March 26th 2015 Thai immigration officials announced the arrival of on-line 90 day reporting Thailand effective April 1st 2015. The initial opinion of the expat community was that perhaps it was some form of elaborate April Fools joke pointing to the effective date and the fact that no one was apparently able to make use of this system immediately following the announcement. Moving ahead a few weeks, past the April 1 introduction date, opinion appears to have changed as more and more reports emerge of people successfully using this new system. It should be noted, however, that as of the time of writing it would appear that 90 day on-line reporting is not currently available for all immigration offices and that the system is being gradually rolled out across Thailand.

What is 90 day reporting in Thailand?

The Immigration Act B. E. 2522 states that any foreigner residing in Thailand must notify their residence to Thai immigration every 90 days of uninterrupted residence in the country. This must be carried out at the local immigration office or the office at which the latest permission to stay was granted. This notification can take place 15 days prior and 7 days after the 90 day reporting date. Failure to notify immigration can result in a minimum fine of 2,000 baht.

Until this announcement there were three ways to accomplish this notification.

  1. Notify immigration in person
  2. Authorize another individual to notify immigration in person
  3. Notify immigration via registered mail

It has been reported that some immigration offices have refused to accept option 3 as a way to notify immigration . This has resulted in some individuals having to make lengthy journeys from their home to their ‘local’ immigration office for what is basically a 2 minute process. For them this new option of on-line reporting will certainly be well received.

What is a ‘permission to stay’? This is the stamp that immigration stamps into a passport upon the foreign national’s arrival in Thailand, regardless of the type of visa issued. It shows the date of entry and the required date of departure unless an “extension of stay” (Extension of the permission to stay date) has been granted.

Last year Thai Immigration released an update to the regulations regarding applications for a temporary stay in Thailand (Police Order No. 327/2557 – effective the 29th August 2014). This order while changing the rules for the application of some extensions of the permission to stay date, most noticeably as regards holders of an Ed. Visa, it did not impact those foreigners seeking to extend their annual permission to stay.

Expats seeking to use the new on-line 90 day reporting system should head here or visit the main immigration bureau website, though perhaps a call to your local immigration office first to ask if or when that office will be on-line might be in order.