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At Sutlet Group we understand that as a senior manager arriving in a new country and a new environment you will have a number of concerns regarding the security of your business. Of the many concerns that you may have, the major ones are likely to be your premises and your employees. Thailand is still a developing country so these security concerns will be different to those that you face in your home country. The risks that are you will encounter be different and therefore the solutions that you require will also be different.

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Our security partner, Douglas Whitaker of PREVENT is the ideal person to offer experienced, professional advice when it comes to achieving your security goals. Ideally our partner will work with you from the outset so that careful planning can address potential threats before they become an issue. What you spend on security initially will repay itself several times over – both in fiscal terms and in the fact that you will have a secure and comfortable workplace.

Douglas first arrived in Thailand back in 1977 having initially gained experience with the Metropolitan Police before moving into Close Protection working with Gulf State Royal families as well as many famous celebrities before working in the Middle East. In 1987 he first set-up his own company in Thailand that joined the Guardforce Group HK that offered guarding services, security systems as well as being an early leader in Integrated Security Systems. He later performed advisory security services to P.C.S., Securicor, ISS and most recently D.H.L. The advisory company PREVENT specialises in preventive security measures, primarily aimed at new industrial projects.

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