Accounting Services

We deliver clear and logical bookkeeping, management accounting, auditing and payroll services that give you the confidence to focus on the core of your business, while we take care of the finer details. When you work with Sutlet Group, you’ll have a complete and total knowledge of your accounting situation at all times.

We have a wide range of professional monthly reports that are tailored and branded to your organisation, giving you a birds-eye view of how you’re performing. Our clients love our English speaking senior managers, which means you’ll always get a clear answer to any question you pose. Within 5 minutes of meeting one of our team, you’ll see the sample reports, customer service information and testimonials where you can see for yourself why we’re the best accounting firm in Thailand.

A scalable solution that can easily manage all of your ongoing monthly accounting needs. We take care of the documentation and government submissions, resulting in a monthly balance sheet, P&L, AR and AP, and more…
More advanced accounting solutions to assist your organisation with planning, control, analysis and improvements.
A legal requirement in Thailand and an annual service we provide, to balance your books and ensure you are ready for business year after year.
One of Sutlet Group’s specialties is our custom built payroll services. We’ve been working with our valued clients (large and small) in Thailand for many years, and there’s a reason they continue to choose and recommend Sutlet Group.

Payroll is a critical function in any company, and it needs to be managed professionally. In addition to making sure you comply with all the local rules and regulations, we ensure your staff are paid on time, keeping them happy and productive!

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There are numerous reasons why you need professional cash flow reports:

  • Day to day running of your company
  • To ensure you keep on target
  • Expansion planning
  • Starting a new business
  • Keeping your bank/investor/shareholders happy

And these are just a few, there are many reasons why having cash flow reports help you in the management of your business. Often smaller companies do not have the skill set to initiate and manage a cash flow report. We are here to help.

Our staff can custom design a report for you and then help you manage this with your staff. We can do this ourselves and report to you or your designated person, or train your staff accordingly. However best works for you, so get in touch with us today.

Before commencing the design of your cash flow, we will sit down and ascertain exactly what you need, then send you a quote so you know the precise amount before work begins, this avoids any misunderstanding on both sides. After that we go about producing a bespoke plan that assists in your development and running of your business.

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*All accounting services are managed by Sutlet Group, and operated by our member FCA (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Business Development

Sutlet Group are your perfect partner to help you start a business in Thailand. Covering everything from company registration in Thailand to Board of Investment promotion, and getting yourself legal, our clients love that they only have to ever meet with a single company, Sutlet Group. Here’s what we can do to help you during your start-up phase

Getting yourself ready to do business

• Feasibility studies
• Marketing plan development

An area too often neglected, or existing just in your head, but not down on paper. A Business Plan (BP) is a much needed road map to help you run your business in right direction. Often people do not think they are “big enough” to warrant a BP – these Plans can be as complicated or as simple as you like, so as to fit all of your needs.

It is taking all that is in your head and getting it down on paper. Involve your staff in the BP, they will often have ideas that are useful and can add to the whole thing and make the Plan more complete.

There are various needs for a Business Plan:

• General reference point to keep you on the planned track
• Expansion
• Seeking investment
• Starting a business
• Communicating a shared vision across your business

We can create a Business Plan that works for you and your company, so get in touch with us today. Before undertaking any work we will see exactly what you need and ask you many questions. Then we will quote you so that we both know what is happening and are sure of the path forward. Once you have signed our quote we will start working with you and your team to create what you need. The process is very much a team effort, ensuring that every facet of your business is covered if it needs to be included in your Business Plan.

Getting yourself legal

• Company registration, tax ID, VAT registration and social security
• Board of Investment (BOI) promotion, where applicable
• Business licenses
• Visa application and renewals
• Work permit application and renewals
• General legal advice

Getting the numbers right

• Monthly accounts
• Management accounts
• Auditing
• Payroll

Getting you set up

• Office assistance
• IT procurement and network configuration
• Your website
• Online marketing

Expat Services

Sutlet Group provides a variety of services for expatriates living and working in Thailand. Whether you need insurance, or a will drawn up, we have the experience to get it done quickly, correctly and with a minimum of fuss. The ability for you to trust us in managing every difficult aspect of life in Thailand is what sets us apart from the competition.

Whether you’re moving home or moving country, our relocation services will get you where you need to go, in a professional manner.
Sutlet Group can help with every piece of information you need to retire comfortably in Thailand, and walk you through the visa process, providing assistance, advice and support to make it an easy transition.
Whilst you can drive on your Home Licence or an International Licence in Thailand, it is far better to apply for a Thai Driving Licence.

Imagine the following scenario – you have been stopped by the Royal Thai Police on a routine inspection and your Home Licence is taken away from you. You need then to go to your local Police Station, pay the fine and retrieve your Licence. Do you really want to risk your Home or International Licence being out of your hands for a few days?

Applying for a Thai Driving Licence is not that arduous, it just takes some of your time. Our staff can whisk you through the procedure. We can then track the renewal of your Thai Licence to ensure it does not run out.

Contact us today if you want to either apply or renew a Thai Driving Licence.

A current, up to date Will is something that everyone should have regardless of our ages.  Depending on which country you are living in you may require a Will for your ‘home’ country and also the country of your residence. There are complex legalities when it comes to your will in Thailand, and we can help to ensure you have a successful plan in place for both your business and your loved ones.

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With the ups and downs in life it’s prudent to protect yourself and your family with the right insurance. If you own a business in Thailand it’s very important you have covered yourself in all areas that are vulnerable.

The complexity of the various insurance policies is daunting, especially when you start going into the details of what they cover and do not cover. If you get it wrong you can be in for a shock! Clear, professional advice is needed to ensure you understand everything about your policy, you know what you are paying for and more importantly what cover you have.

We conduct regular reviews with our clients ensuring that cover is still adequate and nothing is being missed due to changes in circumstances. We only use Licensed Brokers to ensure your full protection and because of the complicated nature of the business that dictates professional advice is paramount.

Read more about how we can help, or contact us today for a free consultation to see if you are in need of anything or if you just would feel better to have your current policies reviewed for your peace of mind.

We specialise in funding premium rental housing for senior expatriate managers and Directors, that will make your time in Thailand a real luxury

Financial Advisory

Our financial advisory division offers specialised financial services and advice to small and large organisations in Thailand. We will be happy to review your situation and propose logical, legal solutions related to finance, tax and optimizing your business.

Our financial planning service will solve problems, find solutions and improve your businesses financial operations.
Tax is an often-ignored element of finance that can, when managed properly, reap genuine financial rewards. Allow our team to show you how.

*All financial advisory services are managed by Sutlet Group, and operated by our member FCA (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Legal Services & Visas

Thailand can be a minefield for foreign businesses. Sutlet Group has been providing professional legal support and services to organisations operating in Bangkok for many years. Our key speciality is assisting with work permit and visa management as well as company registrations, incorporation, Board of Investment (BOI) promotion and obtaining business licenses.

We have developed excellent relationships with government authorities, including the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Commerce, Revenue Department, Board of Investment and Thailand Immigration. These relationships, combined with our unique series of user-friendly checklists and processes, mean that we get it all right, the first time, and provide our clients with a service above and beyond our competition.

Our team can advise you of the correct structure for your proposed business, along with requirements for registration, costs, business licences and all other considerations, so that you are operating ASAP.
We manage all aspects of your work permit and visa processes, so that you are clear with upfront costing, and you understand all of the requirements. We are also very good at keeping on top of the ongoing processes you need to follow to keep your visa and work permit valid.
There is a potential for significant tax and investment benefits, depending on a range of factors your organisation may be eligible. Give us a call and let one of our specialists advise.
Sutlet Group is capable of handling general corporate legal enquiries and can advise on a wide range of legal matters.

*All government related services are managed by Sutlet Group, and operated by our member PB Legal Services Co., Ltd.