There are many different forms of insurance and also varying levels of cover so deciding what you, family or your business needs can be a bit of a minefield.  At Sutlet Group we make this easier for you with our experienced staff and the brokers we use to place your insurance. Our philosophy is quite simple – life is hard enough already, why make it harder?

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Insurance is perhaps the one thing that we purchase with the hope of never having to use and is certainly something that we wouldn’t go without in our home countries so it seems crazy to even consider doing that when you live abroad.   There are the obvious types of insurance that are required such home insurance, car insurance, travel insurance and perhaps most importantly health insurance but most things in life can be insured if you so require including many relating to you personally or your business.

Home Insurance

Our homes are usually the single most valuable thing, in monetary terms at least, that we own so it seems only natural that we would try to protect them in the best way possible.  Home and contents insurance is something that everyone should have regardless of if you are the home owner or just a tenant although in many cases the landlord will provide this on your behalf.  Many people significantly undervalue their property and especially the contents when it comes to insurance.  It is surprising how many things that you will have been able to collect over the years and to replace them all could be an extremely costly business.  If you are unsure about the value of your property it is always advisable to seek the services of a professional company who could assist you.

Car Insurance

Third Party car insurance is a legal requirement in most parts of the world but can offer very limited cover to the third party and may result in you paying out of your own pocket.  Full, comprehensive cover is always advisable and will be far cheaper that the costs that you may incur should you be involved in an accident.

Travel Insurance

For many people who live abroad travel plays a regular part in our lives.   Sometimes this is for pleasure but for many people it will be work related.  Travel insurance is something that is highly recommended and can be done on an individual trip basis or annual cover.  This will give you piece of mind should you be unfortunate enough to require medical treatment or your luggage goes missing.   Comprehensive travel insurance will cover you for many eventualities and is comparable cheap in relation to the potential consequences.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is arguably the most important insurance that you can take out when you are living abroad.  Many of us will have been used to having free cover in our home country and sometimes resent paying for cover whilst abroad.  Sadly accidents and illness happen and hospital bills can prove financial devastating for you or your loved ones if you are involved in a serious accident or develop a major illness.  We offer a range of policies to suit you and your family’s need with some available on a monthly basis.

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