One of Sutlet Group’s specialties is our custom built payroll services. We’ve been working with our valued clients (large and small) in Thailand since 1998, and there’s a reason they continue to choose and recommend Sutlet Group.

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Accounting practices in Thailand

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Payroll is a critical function in any company, and it needs to be managed professionally. In addition to making sure you comply with all the local rules and regulations, we ensure your staff are paid on time, keeping them happy and productive!

Whilst some companies continue to do their payroll in house, there are significant benefits to be gained from outsourcing this process. The most controversial topic in an office is salary confidentiality. As soon as your staff discover what they’re all being paid, it’s inevitable particular individuals find their salary unfair.

It’s impossible to keep staff from discussing their salaries with each other, but we can help to minimise any accidental disclosures. Our payslips are confidential, and sealed against any tampering. All calculations are done in our office, so you have no potential for any of your staff seeing figures that do not concern them. In addition, salary figures are grouped as one item in your accounts with us, so even your own accounting team are not able to discern the individual breakdown of staff salaries. These steps ensure you have the highest level of confidentiality, and avoid anyone accidentally seeing figures they should not.

Our payslips are official, and are able to be used by your staff in their personal loan, credit card or any other financial applications here in Thailand. ‘Home made’ payslips are a thing of the past. We offer a solution that gives your staff year to date visibility on all relevant figures, including tax deductions, which will be very appreciated by your team.

Sutlet Group can take care of your monthly or weekly payroll requirements, keeping everything together in a single place, and allowing your own team to focus on their jobs. Our services include all the calculations needed for the Thai Government as well as the submissions required for the relevant departments. Our aim is to help save your staff time, and give a reliable payroll service with a firm you can count on.

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