Richard P. Cassidy

Director, Asia Connections Inc

Asia Connections Inc (ACI), a US-based consulting firm, has had a representative office based in Bangkok, Thailand, since 1995 and has been in an excellent working relationship with The Sutlet Group and its PB Legal Services Company for the past 15 years.

The Sutlet Group has provided ACI world-class expertise in facilitating our company licenses, work permits, multiple-entry visas, and, very often, sound legal advice. The Sutlet Group promised – and delivered -all of these services via an excellent and very knowledgeable staff that have worked closely each year with ACI’s office manager and its Thai financial advisor to ensure timely compliance with all of the Thai government’s administrative, financial, and regulatory statutes. When I call and ask questions about Thai legal and administrative requirements, receiving prompt and thorough responses is very important to my company and to myself. As a result, our firm has been able to continue its important work with Thai governmental ministries and agencies without any interruptions or concerns related to our US staff’s legal status and ability to perform their duties.

My experience working with The Sutlet Group has very much been positive and I welcome the opportunity to continue working with them long into the future. It is without any hesitation that I recommend The Sutlet Group to any company or individual requiring their wide array of professional services.

Justin Moseley

Managing Director, Consortium UK

We have been using the services of the Sutlet Group continuously since early 2006, at which time they assisted very helpfully with registering and setting up our new company and arranging work permits, etc. Since then they have very professionally handled all our monthly and annual accounting requirements, tax payments, work permit renewals, 90-day procedures (for example, they have never failed to remind me about due dates) and other general tasks.

Sutlet staff have always provided fast, efficient and personal service, and I would particularly like to compliment the messenger lads, who are always most polite and understanding when they collect and deliver documents. Colin Bartlett himself is always striving to provide better services and is constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and accuracy, whilst at the same time maintaining a very personal and friendly service.

Sutlet also charge very fair fees, which makes their services even more attractive. I am therefore happy to recommend Sutlet and would be happy to personally verify this.

Donald Gilliland

Owner; Dasa Books Bangkok

I have used the services of the Sutlet Group and PB Legal after opening my bookshop in Bangkok in 2004.

Over the past decade I’ve been very impressed and satisfied with Sutlet’s services. When I need to have anything done regarding my work permit, visa renewal, or other legal documents, I can always trust Sutlet to get things done correctly and on time.

They are always very dependable and efficient, and that gives me total peace of mind, giving me more time to focus on my business and not having to worry as much about paperwork details.

Stuart Penketh

Managing Director; Greengage Transportation Consultants

I have been using Sutlet Group, (FCA & PB Legal Services), since they helped me establish my company in 2010. Throughout this time they have assisted in many areas, from renewing work permits, spouse visas, to filing company documents with the various government agencies, including the Revenue Department for monthly tax and end of year returns.

I have a Cordial relationship with the Sutlet team, and I am happy to continue to use their services, and to recommend both Colin & his team to those that requires a personal yet efficient service.

Jerome Newman

General Manager, LAMP Services Limited Thailand

Being a small busy office, we find little time to apply much to office administration and have left it in the hands of Sutlet Group. During the time we have had the office, they have never let us down.

Champ Bindige Navile

Founder and Director, Transform2Grow
Sutlet Group was a great find for me.Colin, the Founder Director and owner had a refreshing honest approach – he listens very well, gets the brief and has helped me sort out all the paper work required for setting up of a company. I always knew where I stood, there were no games, no hidden costs.

Gayvalin, who is also one of the directors, has gone that extra mile every time to make sure I get my VISA and Work Permit. She has become the Subject matter expert in dealing with legal and business at such a young age. She is my go to person for anything as she is efficient and effective at what she does and she never fails to deal with all with a genuine smile. Without her I feel quite handicapped as she is the quintessential bridge between the regulatory bodies and my company

Sutlet Group’s approach to fees is equally refreshing – I felt I was getting value for money and real expertise. I would recommend them anytime and everytime.

Andy Flynn

Owner; Worldwide Relocations

I have been using Sutlet Group, FCA & PB Legal Services since they helped me establish my company in 2004. As of September 2014 I continue to use them for visas, work permits and accounting services, and am happy to recommend both Colin & his businesses to anyone that requires a personal yet efficient service.

David Quine

Managing Director, YES Technologies

I have been using the services of the Sutlet Group since I started my company here in Thailand, in 1999.

Throughout this time they have assisted us in many areas, from renewing my work permit and visa, to filing company documents with the numerous government agencies, including the Revenue Department for monthly tax and end of year returns.

Knowing that a large amount of the bureaucracy of running our company here in Thailand is being taken care of, we are able to focus directly on our clients and business. I would be happy to recommend Sutlet Group to new and existing Ex-pats in Thailand.